Having a whiter and brighter smile is something most people strive for. However, it can be hard to achieve if you like eating berries, drinking coffee or wine, or have a smoking habit. Whatever the case may be, there are several myths surrounding teeth whitening that can make it difficult to find the best product or method for you. To help you figure out the best way to go about getting whiter teeth, here are seven debunked myths about teeth whitening treatments.

Avoid it if you have sensitive teeth

Having sensitive teeth doesn’t mean you can’t whiten them. Talk to your dentist about which teeth whitening products are effective for people with sensitive teeth. They might provide you with a list of products to try or recommend a tooth sensitivity toothpaste to use before undergoing the treatment.

You can use acidic fruits to whiten teeth

It’s a popular technique to rub citrus juices from oranges, lemons, limes, and other acidic fruits onto the teeth in order to whiten them. However, this doesn’t remove stains. Instead, it seriously damages the enamel thanks to its acidic ingredients. As tooth enamel can’t be regrown, this is a technique you should avoid.

Teeth whitening products will damage enamel

While it’s true that the overuse of store-bought teeth whitening kits can damage your enamel or gums, they’ll be more than fine after undergoing whitening treatments from your dentist. This is because they’ll use a high strength whitening gel that’s safe and effective.

Professional whitening will remove all every last stain

While it’s common for teeth whitening advertisements to claim that they’ll remove the majority of stains and discoloration, that’s simply not the case. There are certain types of staining whitening treatments can’t remove. For example, with age comes yellowing or greying teeth that can’t be altered with teeth whitening products.

Store-bought products are as effective as professional whitening

Whether you are using a DIY natural remedy or over the counter products, the results won’t be as intense as it would be with professional teeth whitening treatments. Store bought whiteners will do the job if you want temporary stain removal, but not for long term results.

It’ll last forever

You can have a professional teeth whitening treatment last you up to three years, but that’s the most you’re likely to experience. There’s no permanent teeth whitening treatment, and the length of the results is based on the health and lifestyle of the individual. Those who drink wine, tea or coffee regularly after having their teeth whitened won’t experience lasting results compared to others.

UV lights are safe and effective for teeth whitening

There’s no evidence that proves ultraviolet lighting will help to whiten teeth. However, there’s an abundance of evidence demonstrating how UV lights can not only damage your teeth but your gums, lips and other parts of your face as well.

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