Many people believe dental offices are all the same, but that wouldn’t be correct. There are many different types of dentists out there, who have different specialties and specific sets of skills. So when it comes to choosing your dentist, you might opt to choose one that is located conveniently close to a certain location, but they won’t usually think about what the dentist specializes in.

There are a few major benefits when it comes to picking the right family dentist for your family’s dental needs.

What is a Family Dentist?

Family dentistry refers to dental offices that treat patients of every age, anything from kids to adults. They can offer a diverse range of services from teeth cleanings, to extractions, cosmetic dentistry and much more. Family dentists will put great effort into caring for the unique needs of their patients that will be based on their age. For example, family dental clinics will usually have a kid friendly environment. They might stock toys and snacks to help their younger patients feel more comfortable when visiting the dentist.

Benefits of Family Dentists in Burlington

There are many big benefits to going to a family dentist, which can include:


Going to a family dentist means being able to have most of the dental treatment you and your family need in one clinic. There won’t be any need to set up appointments with different dental professionals for specific dental treatments you need. If you need a very specialized procedure, your family dentist might be able to give you a referral to a specialist. Plus, your entire family will be able to be treated at the same location, which can help you stay organized when you need to manage your family’s dental appointments.


Taking your family to a family dentist will mean it’s easier for you to track your appointments and treatments that any individual in your family needs. It is highly recommended that you visit your dentist at least twice a year to help maintain good oral health. Going to a family dentist means you can avoid tracking different appointments when going to multiple different dental care providers.


When you go to a family dentist in Burlington, then you build a lasting relationship with them. Patients of any age, but especially young kids, suffer from something called dental anxiety. This means that if you have a dentist that you and your family go to regularly. This means that the children in your family will be able to form a meaningful connection with your family dentist. This makes it much easier for children to properly communicate with their dentist, which means they can enjoy a more accurate diagnosis and get the care they need.

Seeing a family dentist in Burlington regularly can also give you opportunities to have a preventative approach when it comes to oral care. When you come to Appleby Dental, we will learn about and understand your oral health history, and as your family dentist, we will be able to give you advice on how you can avoid any major dental issues. Book your appointment today!