If you are eager to get rid of the gap between missing teeth, then you have likely been considering dental implants. Most patients can hardly wait to get dental implants so that their smile can be both beautiful and whole again. This procedure is so popular that your dentist has likely done it hundreds of times. It should go smoothly so that you emerge from it with the dazzling smile you have been dreaming about.

There are still a few things that you should be aware of before the day of your surgery arrives. Here are some important things that all patients should keep in mind before they get dental implants.

Ideal Candidates

Patients wanting dental implants should have healthy gums. There needs to be enough bone inside of your gums for dental implants to anchor into it securely. If you have a condition that could cause the bone to erode or eat away at your gums, you might need to reconsider whether dental implants are right for you long term. Discuss these concerns with your dentist before booking your surgery.


Having dental implants placed is a common but significant medical procedure. Your dentist is going to be placing anchors for your new implants directly into your bone. This can lead to excessive pain and swelling that will need to be managed with medication for the first few days you are back home. You should anticipate eating soft foods only for the first week or two while your mouth heals. Buy liquid meal replacements, like yogurts, soups and applesauce to help ease the transition to your new dental implants.

There Are Stages to the Process

Many people assume that they will go in for their procedure and come out with a shiny set of pearly teeth instantly. Unfortunately, that is not the case with dental implants. The anchors for your new teeth are placed several months before your implants are put in place. Doing so gives it time to fuse properly with your jaw bone, giving you a permanent solution. You might still receive a temporary crown or a bridge to help reduce the look of missing teeth in the meantime.


Once your dental implants are in, you take care of them the same as you would natural teeth. Plan to brush regularly, floss between them and use mouthwash to keep your mouth free of bacteria. You still need to get semi-annual cleanings from your dentist to keep your implants in great shape for years to come.

Having dental implants can improve the appearance of your face dramatically. Be prepared for your surgery with some of these tips to help make sure you have a healthy smile afterwards. Appleby Dental can help you to get the smile you have always dreamed of! Call us today to schedule an appointment.