If you’re interested in a brighter smile, you can consider teeth whitening procedures because these are known to be effective in this regard. The right product will make a very big difference and will provide you with whiter teeth and an improved smile.

Many people wonder whether or not tooth whitening is actually worth it, and if you are planning on having this done professionally, then the answer is yes, but if you are going to whiten your teeth at home using over-the-counter products, that answer may be different.

Your dentist will assess the condition of your teeth and will provide you with their professional recommendation. They will first clean your teeth and gums to remove plaque and tartar and will fix any problems like cavities, for example, so that they can treat your teeth properly. Additionally, their skills and experience will allow them to whiten your teeth safely and properly, and your gums will not be damaged during the process. They will know the exact amount of solution to apply and will wipe the bleaching agent off after a specific period of time. When you attempt to whiten your teeth at home, you may not follow the instructions properly, and this can cause damage to your gums, and you will likely not see any results, so in these situations, it would not be worth it.

Professional teeth whitening, however, is very different because dentists can use a higher dosage of peroxide in their office than what at-home products would allow and because your dentist knows exactly what they are doing and how the peroxide should be applied, you will have peace of mind knowing the treatment is safe and effective. Your dentist can also use a UV or argon laser on your teeth for even better results, and this is something you can discuss with them in advance.

Professional teeth whitening will provide you with a number of benefits you would not be able to get at home, and your dentist would be able to immediately notice if something were to go wrong. While the process is safe, gum irritation can occur, as can tooth hypersensitivity, and dentists can help eliminate these problems. They will also create a mold of your mouth to give you a custom-fitted whitening tray once the procedure is done.

It’s important to understand that results are not guaranteed, even if you have your teeth professionally whitened. Dentists will use a stronger whitening gel, but this does not always mean that your teeth will get whiter, so you have to keep this in mind when deciding on this treatment because you may not get the level of whiteness you are after.

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